Ben Shapiro is a political genius but a SCIENCE MORON: Doesn’t even know Atrazine interferes with gender expression hormones

In reaction to Megyn Kelly’s planned NBC News interview with Alex Jones in the clip below, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro ridiculed a litany of conspiracy theories put forth by the Infowars impresario.

This included a Jones accusation cited by Shapiro that the government is using chemicals “to turn frogs gay.”

Alex Jones was apparently referring to atrazine, a widely used herbicide/pesticide that is found in the U.S. water supply. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Alex Jones to conclude that there is some substance to this claim, however.

As Natural News founder and CWC Labs Science Director, Mike Adams, maintained earlier this year, there is a scientific basis for the chemical causing the feminization of frogs. According to Adams, documentation supports the premise that atrazine operates as a chemical castrator in the animal kingdom, turning males into hermaphrodites.

On his ironically named website, University of California, Berkeley biologist Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes warns that atrazine, which the agriculture industry primarily uses on corn crops, “castrates and feminizes wildlife.” Among other conditions, it has also been reportedly found to lead to breast and prostate cancer in lab rats. “Studies in human populations and cell and tissue studies suggest that atrazine poses similar threats to humans,” Hayes’ website notes.

Atrazine is banned in the EU, but thanks to Big Pharma and Big GMO, it still on the market here in the US, as alluded to above. (RELATED: Read more about this dangerous herbicide at

A Harvard Law School graduate, Ben Shapiro is not a scientist and undoubtedly never claimed to be. To his great credit, he has long battled crybullies and radical leftists on college campuses and in various TV and other personal appearances. In other words, he is not just a keyboard warrior when it comes to debating the social justice cohort.

On the other hand, he still seems to beat the Never Trump drum, which could at least partially explain his negative perception of Alex Jones, who is in President Trump’s corner.

Shapiro may or may not be one of those conservatives who accepts Big Pharma pronouncements about the safety and efficacy of various chemicals, vaccines, and other drugs at face value in the name the “free market.” Given the crony capitalism and corporate socialism in which Big Pharma navigates, free market principles hardly apply.

As a side note, in case you were wondering, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly is tanking in the audience ratings. In its third week, Sunday, June 18, it averaged just 3.5 million viewers, losing badly to a 60 Minutes rerun and an America’s Funniest Home Videos repeat. The interview with Jones sparked much pre-broadcast outrage — but not a lot of viewership — given his past assertion that the horrific December 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., was a false flag event, an opinion that Jones has since disavowed.

As Ben Shapiro suggests, and he seems to be a Megyn Kelly fan, the ambitious former Kelly File host on the Fox News Channel has found herself in a lose-lose situation when it comes to the ability to generate ratings so far on NBC. That is, liberal NBC viewers perceive her as too “right wing” because of her Fox News resume, and many right-leaning individuals think she was way too hostile to Trump on her former Fox News platform.


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